Activate Your Data


I offer several core services.

Data Science Contracting

I can turn your data into actionable insights. Whether you're trying to maximize profit or add cutting edge quantitative methods into your research, I can help.

Data Science Consulting

A complete solution for your business: I work with leadership to identify goals, develop technical solutions, and take measurable actions to activate your data.

Technology Consulting

Building technology? I can help you determine the appropriate languages, databases, and cloud resources that will get you on the right track from day one.

Example Projects

A few examples of my work.

Skill Clusters

Discovering emerging skill-sets in the gig economy.

Arctic Browning

After years of increased vegetative growth, why are we observing death?

Global Crop Yield Prediction

Understanding the risk of growing corn, soybeans, and wheat around the world.


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Chris Fusting

I enjoy helping people understand what cutting edge machine learning and technology can do for them. When you hire me as a contractor or consultant you're not just hiring a pair of extra hands, you're hiring a strategic thinker who's looking out for your interests. I work under an agile methodology which means transparent planning, communication, and timelines are my status quo.

Contact Information


Phone: 828-772-0012